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Rick Foster Edensong

Welcome to the only place where you can obtain all of Rick Foster's books of arrangements of sacred fingerstyle guitar music written out in notation and TAB with their accompanying CDs.

Rick Foster is legendary for his solo classical guitar arrangements of sacred music and hymns. Check out the Recordings page for a complete list of CDs and books. Click on a CD title to see a list of the songs on the album which are also written out in the companion book. The guitar arrangements are written in standard notation and TAB exactly as played on the album. Arrangement difficulty ranges from beginning to advanced.

Rick Fosterís sacred solo guitar music is beautiful, uplifting, and all instrumental. Although Rick is a classical guitarist, listeners will hear a bit of the Chet Atkins style in many of his arrangements. Rick admires the work of Andres Segovia and strives to emulate his beautiful rich tone. Visit the Samples page to hear Rickís music for yourself.

New Rick Foster Arrangements! Simply called Rick Foster Arrangements 2015, this is a booklet of four sacred fingerstyle guitar solos arranged by Rick Foster. The booklet of arrangements written in TAB and notation is accompanied by a CD of Rick's recordings of the songs.

Rick Foster Performances on YouTube! Check out this collection of 10 of Rick's video performances of his sacred fingerstyle guitar arrangements.

Click the Chet Atkins link to read Rickís memorable moments with one of his greatest influences. Youíll also notice a link to personal letters from Chet Atkins to Rick that show Chetís personality and great sense of humor.

The first article to appear in Fingerstyle Guitar magazine is here for you to enjoy. Rickís articles contain guitar lore, his own personal journey with the guitar, and guitar playing tips.

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